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Eleanor Sholz

Come out to Habitable Spaces on Saturday, April 22nd for an artist talk, geometric art workshop, and wood burning demonstration, presented by our current artist in residence, Eleanor Scholz. The event will begin at 2pm, with bbq and bonfire to follow the experience.

Since January, Eleanor has been wood burning an intricate design onto 9 large panels that will be installed on our new dining room ceiling. Be the first to see her artwork finished and installed on our new dining room ceiling! Stay for the workshop and artist talk to learn how she created this enormous artwork using only a pencil, ruler, compass and wood burning tool, and how to make your own geometric patterns and mandala designs.

In the workshop, you will learn about a number of ways geometry has been used in art and craft traditions to create indicate and beautiful patterns throughout the world. While the artwork looks complex, the underlying geometric patterns are simple, and will be easy to pick up for beginning artists and attendees with no prior art experience. You will learn to make your own mandala, as well patterns based on fourfold and sixfold geometry, similar to the ones featured in the artwork on our new ceiling!

After learning the basics, visitors will be encouraged to use their new-found skills to create their own original design using paints, wood panels, and other fun materials provided. 

You can see examples of Eleanor’s artwork on her Instagram: @instaeleanor

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