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Fall Harvest Party November 1st, 2014

Calling all Artists, performers, musicians and poets!

Bring your work for trade at the Trading Post, a one day event on Saturday, November 1st, 2014 Habitable Spaces is taking over the streets of downtown Kingsbury to premier The Trading Post, an interactive performance art installation created by the Habitable Spaces Collaborative. Artists are invited to enter The Trading Post and trade their art for farm goods in a barter system.

Guests will arrive in Kingsbury to see an old western trading post facade amongst the row of storefronts along the railroad on Hwy 90. As they enter through the saloon doors, they will greeted by our mercantiles, played by Abigail Entsminger and Seth Larson, members of the San Antonio­based collective, The Aesthetic of Waste. Artists will be able to barter artwork of all mediums for vegetables, eggs, live animals, canned goods home made soaps and craft items created by Habitable Spaces and Kingsbury locals. We will also be hosting a farmers market with vendors from all around Central Texas!

So polish up your bargaining skills, bring a piece of your art and come on over to Kingsbury for a full day of music, performance, and celebration at our Fall Harvest Festival. To get to our little town, just take exit 617 off of I­10 towards Hwy 90, or 1ake 123 to Luling then left onto Hwy 90.

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