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Fiber Art and Yarn Making

Come on out to Habitable Spaces on Saturday, February 25th for a fiber art and yarn making workshop hosted by Walker and Danielle from Barnyard Saints Art. The event will start at 2pm with bbq and bonfire to follow!

In this workshop you will build and decorate your own drop spindle and learn to use it to produce your own yarn. The drop spindle is a primitive hand tool that has continually been in use around the world for thousands of years, and is easy to pick up with no prior experience in fiber arts. After assembling their spindle, participants will learn each step in producing yarn from raw animal fiber and will leave the workshop with yarn ready to be knit, crocheted, or woven. Other fiber production tools such as spinning wheels and carders will also be available for demonstration highlighting each step from raw animal fleece finished product. This workshop is presented by Danielle and Walker, two traveling artists and educators visiting from Massachusetts.

You can check out images of other projects, and their travels at

Fiber Art and Yarn Making Workshop

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