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Check out this awesome video made by Danielle Mulcahy and Walker Roman of Baryard Saints. They made it when they visited our farm two years ago. My how the place has changed since then! You can check out more of what they do at

Danielle & Walker BarnYardSaintsArt Published on YouTube Jan 25, 2019 Starting as a open-air-market pop-up shop BarnYard Saints is the first offspring of two artists, Danielle and Walker. The artist duo decided to take this show on the road. Episode 6 "Habitable Spaces" TEXAS! We still aren't done with you. Watch as we head into our first artist residency at Habitable Spaces, an amazing community farm in Kingsbury Texas. We became apart of the scene right while getting the trailer unstuck from the mud, helping with farm chores and of course having a yarn spinning demo for the locals. We found out we stink at shearing sheep, fire ants really hurt and prickly pears are not to be messed with. A LOT has changed with Habitable Spaces since we left. They have since had great progress and success with art outreach and farm construction. We highly recommend reaching out to the amazing hard working founding directors Alison Ward Heinemeier and Shane Heinemeier if you are an artist looking for an fantastic residency or you are looking to live and work on a community farm. THANK YOU GUYS WE MISS YOU AND THE DOG PACK! This is one of many to come episodes. Stay tuned! Follow us: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @Barnyardsaints

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