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The Utopia School is open to people from all disciplines and backgrounds, we want artists, makers, thinkers and doers! Students and teachers will engage in learning about concrete skills as well as theory, systems and ideas. Do you have a skill or knowledge that you would like to share? We want to know about it!


1-5 people who will serve as the administrators and lead teachers for the school

These people will live at Habitable Spaces from Nov 1-25 and help run all aspects of the school.

* Limited travel and artists stipends are available for resident administrators.

20-30 class leaders to lead classes both remote and in person

Other Participants: - to engage with the school in other ways (such as documenting, volunteering, making an intervention) in-person or remotely

DEADLINE September 15th 2021, 23:59:00 EDT

SELECTION RESULTS (Announcement Dates) September 22nd 2021, 0:00:00 EDT

RESIDENCY DURATION November 01, 2021 - November 30, 2021

FACILITIES Individual Studio, Installation Space, Wood Shop

Housing Cabin, Private Room

Meals Breakfast, Chef on Site, Coffee, Dinner, Lunch, Snacks, Tea, Vegan, Vegetarian

PUBLIC PROGRAMS Community Engagement , Courses, Critique, Discussion, Exhibition, Forum, Panel, Performances, Readings, Round Tables, Schools, Teaching Exchange, Visiting Professionals, Work Exchange, Workshops

DICIPLINES Activists, Architecture, Book Arts, Ceramics, Cinematography, Collective, Culinary, Documentary, Dreamers, Fiber Arts, Film, Illustration, Immersive Experiences, Installation, Interdiscplinary Arts, Intervention, Journalism, Land Art, Mixed Reality, Moving Image, Multimedia, Nonfiction, Pedagogy, Performance Art, Public Art, Puppeteers, Research, Robotics, Scholar, Scientists, Screenwriting, Sculpture, Social Practice, Sound Art, Tech, Textile, Video Art, Visual Arts, Wearable Technology, Web Design, Web Development

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION The Utopia School is a temporary free school and social space for sharing information about both failed and successful utopian projects while working towards new ones. We define Utopia as those projects and initiatives which re-imagine the world in some crucial way. The Utopia School takes the form of a people-powered “social center” – a space where people can gather for free and engage in thoughtful discussion and practical skill-shares. In Fall 2021, the Utopia School will partner with the sustainable farm, educational space and artists residency Habitable Spaces in Kingsbury Texas. Habitable Spaces is interested in the nexus between arts and agriculture and in building local resilience through community. OPEN CALL for: - Classes: online and in-person - Artists/Scientists/Builders/Chefs/Documentarians - Virtual engagement: Engage with the school virtually via instructionals, digital installations, interventions, writings, film screenings, and other possibilities


If you would like to apply for to be a teacher, lecturer or part of a panel or performance, please click here:

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