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Victoria Beaver

Victoria Beaver is getting ready for a year-long content-driven road trip where a father/daughter writing team will travel the country in a remodeled School Bus. While traversing the country she’ll stop and cover many different disciplines of auto racing in the country. During the journey, they will explore the growing tapestry of America Auto Racing and discuss its impact on local communities and culture at large. 


Victoria aims to cover the economic and cultural impact the sport carries while Dan focuses on the history of the sport and stories of current drivers. As a father/daughter duo with a 0-year age difference, Dan and Victoria view the sport through different lenses which leads to enticing conversations (and a few arguments) about the cultural shifts, controversial characters, etc.


While at the farm Victoria is focused on creating systems that inspire sustainable economic growth to the farm and non-profit. 

Twitter: @VictoriaBeav42

Instagram: @toribeav42

Patreon: @thelaparoundamericaproject

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