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Founded in 2011 by Shane and Alison Heinemeier, Habitable Spaces is a Texas based 501c(3) community arts and agricultural project whose purpose is to create an integrated, mutually beneficial environment where artists and the rural community can collaborate, learn, and share ideas. We offer workshops and classes on sustainable farming, experimental building techniques, traditional craft, and fine art. In 2016 we began our first official artist-in-residence program.



We are a 501c3 institution and rely on the generous support of the community for all of the outreach that we do. If you would like to support education in the arts and farming and appreciate the work that we do, then you realize that nonprofits like ours are important for a robust and diverse community. The simplest thing you can do is donate money, add us as a nonprofit to your Amazon Smile page or donate time or materials. Contact us for more information.



3050 FM 1104
Kingsbury, TX 78638

Thanks for contacting Habitable Spaces.

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