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Alex Wolkowicz

Alex Wolkowicz, an interdisciplinary artist from New York, has arrived at Habitable Spaces to begin her longterm project for the farm’s future sculpture park. In this preliminary visit, Alex is marking out the land she will place her site-specific sculptures on and define the scope of her project. Alex is here to engage with the land and develop an ongoing relationship with it and its inhabitants. Her project is inspired by the theme of listening - to the earth, to one’s deeper self - and she will be placing large clay vessels, or hearing devices, onto the land. .  The pieces will be sculpted with the help of the community during a future visit in spring 2018.  The installation also will incorporate bronze musical instruments of her own creation that will be suspended from the trees that surround the site The completed piece will be inaugurated with a ritualistic performance by Cave Collective, of which she is a founding member.

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