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Connor Frew

Connor Frew is an artist and writer currently living and working in Dallas, Texas. He received his BFA in Studio Art and BA in Art History from the University of Texas at Austin in 2018. He is a Texas Exes Forty Acres Scholar, and a 2015-16 recipient of the Susan Vaughan Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Art and Art History. […]

Justin Garrett

Justin's art is about games. He invites his viewers to observe and participate in activities that parallel, intersect and clash with the rules of daily living, and to play with the boundaries between religion, culture and law. By creating novel games, markets, […]

Jayne Lawless

My proposal to Habitable Spaces consists of bringing projects and ideas I’m working on currently in Liverpool to the local community of Kingsbury, Texas. I’m interested to develop and document the reaction and interaction of the projects in an environment totally different to where they were conceived. […]

Adam Blaustein Rejtö

Whether it's with a canvas, with a guitar, or inside a chemistry laboratory- I can't keep from creating and experimenting. The intention of all my creative practices is to create space where people can show up and practice caring for one another and themselves- where folks can be supported in growing personally,  […]

Emma Rothman

I grew up singing and dancing in a folky family where I was taught early on that the two most important things in life are music and family.  I have carried this sentiment with me, through my ethnomusicology and performance studies at Hampshire College, research internships in Chicago, and international tours with  […]

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