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Linda Emily Al-Ghussein and Fabien Olovson


Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden

A collaboration since 2006


Fabian Olovson and Linda Emily Al-ghussein have studied in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts from where they graduated with Master of Fine Arts degree in 2014. Olovson works with different media including drawing, sculpture and collages. In his artistic practice Olovson has investigated themes like abstract sculpture, rhythmic structures and automatism. Al-Ghusseins work represents a blend of reality and fiction. Her media is based on a collection of physical materials and mental experiences. She mixes these materials together in her drawings, sculptures and sound art.


Al-Ghussein and Olovson collaborate under the name Restlessminds, making interventions, performances, sculptures and babies.


"Our collaboration has very energetic and fast processes. With our often multidisciplinary projects we challenge notions of absurdity, morality, and intelligence. Together we love to experiment and challenge traditional forms of art and exhibition practices. It is important for us to formulate in what habitat our project will exist, and based on that we make up new characters which we consider to be artists and allow these mixed personalities to be a driving force in the creative process. In the final stage we often involve the audience. Their participation becomes the final part of the work. Our recent projects have been located in Lovisa, a small Finnish village, at the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York and at the Nordea-bank In Helsinki."


At Habitable Spaces we are planning to build two figurative sculptures in concrete, holding kinetic instruments. They will be part of the farm’s future sculpture park. People and animals passing through nature will be able to encounter these two concrete figures and have a jam session.

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