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Alex Wolkowicz

Alex Wolkowicz, an interdisciplinary artist from New York, has arrived at Habitable Spaces to begin her longterm project for the farm’s future sculpture park. In this preliminary visit, Alex is marking out the land she will place her site-specific sculptures. […]

Andrew and Sarah Wilson

Florida-based husband and wife collaborators Andrew and Sarah Wilson are the newest artists-in-residences at Habitable Spaces and will be here with us through early December. […]

Jaimie Iglehart

Jaime Iglehart is a multimedia artist exploring dreamscapes, community, healing, and the line between imagination and concrete world-building. Her projects involve socially engaged ‘play,’ dystopian fantasy and highly personal iconography involving infantile regression, fertility worship, and revolutionary melodrama. […]

Cait Davis, Stop-Motion Animator

Habitable Spaces is happy to introduce our latest artist in residence, Cait Davis! Cait will be with us until July, and the stop-motion animation video she creates during her residency will be the cornerstone of our third annual Summer Solstice Film Festival on June 24, 2017 […]

Eleanor Sholz, Visual Artist

Eleanor Scholz is a visual artist, hailing from San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and currently NYC. For the last several years, she’s worked primarily with wood burning (pyrography), ornate illustration, and geometric design. She uses geometric patterns as a tool to provoke moments of wakefulness and reverence. By combining beauty and patterns […]

Doors Unlimited, Collaborative Artist Team

DOORS UNLIMITED is a roving vessel devoted to investigative operatics, ante-institutional resilient resourcefulness, & the development of convocational technologies. Arranging thinkers & tinkers, DOORS UNLIMITED proposes space, time & occasion for performance, research, & discursive engagement; curious compositions of bodies & […]

Cat Glennon, Sculptor

This past Fall Cat Glennon built a collapsible structure with the intent of living in it for a month or longer completely alone.  She decided to erect her structure  somewhere secluded on the land  at Habitable Spaces. While the intention is to explore solitude in nature,  it isn’t necessarily an exercise in survivalist tactics.  […]

Poncili Creation Collective

Poncili Creacion is an established, surreal puppetry collective from Puerto Rico, whose residency coincided with their fifth US tour. They arrived in Texas to partner with four Austin based artists and welders as the first resident artists at The Museum of Human Achievement.[…]

Jesper Aabille 

In November 2012,  we had the pleasure of  welcoming our first guest artist in residency to Habitable spaces. Artist Jesper Aabille spent two months with us building The Country Kitchen: an amazing sculptural outdoor kitchen that has become a performance space to cook and prepare feral hog with mesquite wood. […]

Laura Napier

LAURA NAPIER is an artist and independent curator currently working in Houston on an artistic research project about the social cultures of the oil and gas industries of Texas. Her work explores behavior, sociology, and place through documentation, […]

Angela Beallor

Since 2011, Angela Beallor and Kate Sopko have collaborated on constructing site-­specific forts. The project brings together a variety of their interests: the history and architecture of military forts in the United States that extended claims on land, […]

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