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Cat Glennon

This past Fall Cat Glennon built a collapsible structure with the intent of living in it for a month or longer completely alone.  She decided to erect her structure  somewhere secluded on the land  at Habitable Spaces. While the intention is to explore solitude in nature,  it isn’t necessarily an exercise in survivalist tactics.  with that in mind, she arrived at Habitable Spaces on Saturday April 26th, and began to set up camp.  Within three days, she had picked a site on our 190 acre homestead, and set up her living space.  She is now out on the property, exploring solitude in nature and will be back, and full of stories of her adventure at the end of April.  Please join us for dinner on April 30th, when Cat will give a talk about her time in the forest, and her experiences during her month in the wilderness around Habitable Spaces.

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