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Alison Ward Heinemeier





Starting in March of 2021, Habitable Spaces hosts a monthly full moon dinner. Taking place on the full moon of each month, these dinners are a perfect opportunity for artists and members of the community to reflect on where they are, plan for the future, and network.

As a fully functioning Organic Farm, Habitable Spaces is tied to the moon’s phases like all the farmers that came before us. On the interpersonal level, the full Moon has always been a time of gathering and celebration, seen throughout history and across cultures. Setting the date to meet, eat, drink, and connect gives the community a fence post as we continue to live, create and provide in our day-to-day lives. Our full moon dinners are structured to be a laid-back events, giving the individual groups that attend the parties the ability to shape it to what best serves them in the given moment.

We are asking for a minimum $60 tax deductible contribution to help offset the costs of the event. Diners can pay in cash onsite or below with PayPal Donate button.



Habitable Spaces
Full Moon Reservation Form


Dinner tickets available for $50 per guest.


BYOB or basic red, white, and sparkling available with a donation. Two cocktails also available with a donation.


Overnight accommodations are available on a limited first come, first served basis with a $100 cleaning fee when prior reservations confirmed with owners.

Vegetarian Dishes Requested?
Vegetarian Dishes Requested?

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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