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Jesper Aabille 

In November 2012,  we had the pleasure of  welcoming our first guest artist in residency to Habitable spaces. Artist Jesper Aabille spent two months with us building The Country Kitchen: an amazing sculptural outdoor kitchen that has become a performance space to cook and prepare feral hog with mesquite wood.  The kitchen is designed to transform three unwanted ingredients in the Texas countryside: the Mesquite tree, the feral hog, and the prickly pear cactus.  All of these things are considered nuisances by the people who live in this area, and all are amazing ingredients in a meal.  Aabille has created a space for people  to come and utilize these ingredients  as part of a series of events based around social life and food production.




I work with variety of strategies: social and urbane interventions and sculptures as well as drawings and text­oriented pieces of work. The common thread within these practices is the focus on the social life, whether it is solutions to mundane problems by making bridges to avoid stepping in a puddle, cooking a fried egg on self­destructive wooden kitchen sculptures or the refinement in illustrating a practical act as for example making an open­face sandwich. For more on Jesper:

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