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Poncili Creation Collective

Poncili Creacion is an established, surreal puppetry collective from Puerto Rico, whose residency coincided with their fifth US tour. They arrived in Texas to partner with four Austin based artists and welders as the first resident artists at The Museum of Human Achievement. Together they invented “Ballenarca – The Whale Ark,” a life size, glowing whale puppet that toured as a mobile stage and giant interactive sculpture from Austin to Miami. The 11’ tall and 36’ long, life-size female sperm whale was built out of metal, wood, fiberglass and foam. In a nonstop parade, Ballenarca traveledd on a salvaged trailer, bringing art to the public as a giant puppet show, a musical sculpture and a living museum where the audience was invited to step inside the belly of the beast. In traveling to Art Basel in December, the artists behind Ballenarca created free interactive street performances; Ballenarca toured through Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville before arriving in Miami. During residency, Poncili Creacion designed one of a kind, transformational outdoor puppet shows to be performed with Ballenarca for free at schools, parks and other public places.

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