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Doors Unlimited

DOORS UNLIMITED is a roving vessel devoted to investigative operatics & ante-institutional resilient resourcefulness. Arranging thinkers & tinkers, DOORS UNLIMITED proposes space, time & occasion for performance, research, & discursive engagement; curious compositions of bodies & things. By interrogating aesthetics, theatrics & politics, DOORS UNLIMITED is a generative structure that formulates in excess of itself. Energized by person-to-person contact & non-disciplinary fluidity, a moment-of-moment is the medium. Its expansive organization plays itself & other constellations of causality, like: soap opera, readerly attention, shared & sharing meals, school, divination, intervention, & wilderness.  Via these rituals, we (re-)orient our senses of (sensing) self & else & other ways conducive to conceiving of what might be mixed, possible w/ impossible, & insistently.

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