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Andrew and Sarah Wilson

Florida-based husband and wife collaborators Andrew and Sarah Wilson are the newest artists-in-residences at Habitable Spaces and will be here with us through early December.


Andrew is a large-scale painter, and Sarah, a creative non-fiction writer. In the past year and a half since they’ve been married, they stepped away from their full-time careers as middle school art teacher (Andrew), and magazine writer and editor (Sarah) to live a life that aligns with who they are as people, while connecting with communities through the work they create.


The scale of Andrew’s work yields to his tall physical stature as well as his kinetic application of paint to the canvas. The size of the work can pull the viewer in from across the room to then reveal the accompaniment of Sarah’s writing. Through poetic, personal compositions, Sarah speaks a voice that many can call their own.


Collaboratively, Andrew and Sarah’s work appeals to an audience greater than that of just writing or painting alone. With an objective to shed light on the overlooked realities of society, Andrew and Sarah unwrap beauty through the marriage of imagery and words, breaking any ambiguity in the process.


In an effort to shift their work to storytelling that speaks of and to communities, work that lives outside the confines of a gallery, Sarah and Andrew have recently entered the public art realm. Because Andrew’s painting style is one of many layers, this translates to murals in a way that offers natural movement and depth.


While at Habitable Spaces Andrew and Sarah will be painting a mural in town that is visually representative of the community and history that make Kingsbury what it is. Andrew and Sarah’s interactions with the people of Kingsbury will directly inspire what the mural becomes. The mural will be painted on the shipping container situated off Hwy 90 by the Fire Station.


If you pass by and see them painting, be sure to stop by, check out their progress and say hello!


During their stay at Habitable Spaces they plan to host art workshops. Sarah is also a certified yoga teacher and will be guiding yoga classes on the farm on Saturday mornings.


Learn more about their work at and Or follow along with Andrew and Sarah on Instagram: @andrewscottwilsonart and @sarahmcwilson.

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