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Adam Blaustein Rejtö

Hi, I'm Adam! 

Whether it's with a canvas, with a guitar, or inside a chemistry laboratory- I can't keep from creating and experimenting. The intention of all my creative practices is to create space where people can show up and practice caring for one another and themselves- where folks can be supported in growing personally, politically, and spiritually. I'm passionate about relationships, and how art making and music sharing can create healing, caring, and generative relationships-with ourselves, the earth, and others.

Emma Rothman and Adam Blaustein Rejtö are emerging musicians and artists from the North East. Together, Adam and Emma collaborate to make improvised music and visual art, and most recently collaborated on a site-specific performance piece in the woods of Hadley, Massachusetts.  


The Singing Square 


We, Adam and Emma have come to Habitable Spaces to build an outdoor community gathering space. The Singing Square is inspired by the American Shape-Note singing tradition, which happens in a square formation and is fully participatory, not presentational. We are inviting the Kingsbury community to help build this square, create the murals surrounding it, and set the intentions and foundations of the space. In addition to building/painting parties, we will be holding various skill-sharing workshops in the space as it materializes.  Workshops will be given on the Shape-Note singing tradition, as well as other song circles, guitar lessons, painting and visual art workshops, and who knows what else!!


This project is about building space that shapes community, and community that shapes space.  We hope that this space will inspire folks to meet and sing regularly, be it shape-note, other music, or other types of gatherings! 

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