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The Trading Post Project

Kingsbury, TX

In 2014 Shane and Alison received a grant from the Idea Fund to create a Trading Post installation in downtown Kingsbury, TX. The idea was to build a small structure that would mimic the old buildings along Railway street in downtown Kingsbury. Inside the building, performance artists Seth Larson and Abagail Entsminger would act as merchants, trading farm goods from Habitable Spaces for artwork in the form of fine art, songs, performances, poetry or handicrafts. The project was a huge success, involving the entire community of Kingsbury, and with guests and participants as far afield as New York City and France.

Kingsbury, TX Trading Post Project

We premiered the project as part of our third annual Fall Harvest Festival, and invited the Kingsbury community, as well as farmers and vendors from the surrounding areas to participate and set up booths down the strip. More photos and videos can be see on our Flickr page.

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