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Trans IT

FRI 22 FEB 2019, 6-9 PM 620 Railway Street, Downtown Kingsbury, TX 78638 The little town of Kingsbury in the south of Texas once enticed migrants from Germany under the biblical slogan ‘The land of milk and honey’. Europe and particularly Germany is currently a center of attraction for immigrants from around the world with the promise of a free and prosperous life, as was America for Germans, predominantly in the late 19th century.

A commonality of all migrational paths, no matter what destination, is a movement through, across, over, beyond, above and out.

German and American artists react to the word transit in the group exhibition ‘Transit’, which will be shown in Kingsbury as well as Berlin. Many definitions can be drawn from it for the seeming singularity of the quickly succeeding events of our times. This applies particularly to artistic processes and methods that are innately based upon a ‘transition’.

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